We live an unconventional, nontraditional lifestyle because we’re both rebels, and we both want to empower other people to activate their own funky, unique selves living their best life. People are so focused on getting to the destination of “success” — the money, clients, likes, etc. — but the destination is usually not what you expected … and it’s about the journey, learning about yourself, finding the people who help you when you have nothing, that’s where the real growth happens.

Even after you reach the destination, whether it’s what you expected or not, there’s another journey. We’re living a nomadic lifestyle focused on the journey, and we’re not saying that’s for everyone, but how can you take your own journey and focus on that over the destination — those goals will be a byproduct of what you do and learn along the way. 

No one way is the right way — it’s about finding your own way. 

Just like we live by example, and we both have a deeply spiritual nature, we’re two unique souls taking this shared journey in unique ways! You’re welcome to join either or both of us! Jeni + Jai find their way to their inner wisdom and path through very different modalities – Jai might listen to a song 50x, Jeni’s probably doing a cacao ceremony. Finding your own way to your best life – to enjoying the journey, and not holding onto the misery of wishing you’d reached a destination that’s probably not what you imagined anyway, is exactly why we’re here.

Work with Jai or Jeni individually, or explore the YinYang of us together.

Jai | Tha KNOmad

Intention is key! No one way is the right way – finding the way that is right for you is the important thing. Some of us are activated and connected to our guides, able to tap into the wisdom, some of us enjoy ceremony. Either way, let’s simplify!

There is beauty in the spiritual trips – there’s nothing wrong with taking those trips – but sometimes you find yourself cycling, continuing to go down those rabbit holes.

You can work through taking on too much and overthinking, without getting burnt out and ending up cycling back to the same pain point that got you here.

Let’s simplify to the one thing you can do to help you move forward. I’m not going to tell you what it is – you know, so you tell me – and I’m here to help ground you in the tangible and actionable choices you make for yourself to create the energy shift that helps you cycle up.

You have the power to get shit done!

Jeni | The Akashic Nomad

Without bypassing any of the human experience, this is one of the byproducts of shifting into a different frequency of being – your whole world changes, and everything around you changes. Most of us crave exactly that, and so many of us look for external solutions. This work is about connecting to the internal power and truth that already exists.

There’s always an opportunity to deepen your path of intuitive living, coming from authenticity, presence, and embodiment. There’s a space where you can really understand who you are, and be able to feel the energy and expand from that spiritual perspective to realize that there’s more than what you thought.

If you’re looking at your life through a 3D lens, a certain set of actions and experiences unfold. When you look at it through the 5D lens of embodying more internal joy and peace in your world, you realize you are divine, you have more than you give yourself credit for, that you’re on a journey but you can embody these principles coming from a root of trusting your own frequency and power.

Live Hollastically

You have the lighthearted Jeni and the tough love of Jai calling the BS out creating a yin yang to actively shift your mindset and behaviors while exploring your spiritual self, to expand and change your life?

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