eclectically conscious

Fashion that fuels growth, invites exploration and lets you be your kind of cool. Sounds good? Let’s go.

Wear Your Thoughts

Our apparel is more than fashion – it’s a statement of your mindset and beliefs. Stand out and provoke thought with every outfit.

Conscious Community

Connect with like-minded people who see the world through an eclectic lens. Together, we learn, grow, and make an impact.

Never Stop Growing

Embrace a lifestyle that celebrates ongoing growth and endless exploration. With us, you’re always evolving, always moving forward.

Define Your 'Cool'

Here, ‘cool’ isn’t dictated by trends. It’s a deeply personal, infinite concept that you get to define for yourself.

Embrace the journey with us!

We invite you to become an EC insider. Together, we’ll shape the world, one conscious choice at a time. Stay Collectively Conscious.

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the eclectic vision

Embrace the Journey, Embody the Cool

What if you could create a reality where being open, always learning, and expressing yourself is a whole vibe? Welcome to the world of Eclectically Conscious, We’re here to spark personal growth that goes way beyond what you wear. We champion the evolution in all aspects of life, nudging you to aim higher, to uncover your infinite potential.

Our apparel? It’s more than style—it’s about stirring thoughts and conversations. With every collection, we showcase the belief that growth is a forever journey, exploration has no finish line, and ‘cool’ is a personal state of being.

Our big dream? To build a worldwide family that loves learning, growing, and making a difference. And the best part is, we’re all in this together.

the vibe

An Aerial Perspective

Eclectically Conscious embodies three major collections, each echoing a piece of our big-picture philosophy. In addition to these, we’ve got three major drops on the horizon, that dial up the vibes of the core collections.

Think of each drop as another chance to dig deeper into what EC is all about. So, come on in, join us on this wild ride of self-discovery and conscious living. Let’s shake things up and redefine ‘cool’, one collection at a time.

The Collections

knomadic mindset

‘Knomadic Mindset’ is all about not being defined by boundaries, and is inspired by the idea of endless exploration and unrestrained curiosity. With designs that echo the spirit of constant journeying and discovery,

Mindset is Mandatory

‘Mindset is Mandatory’ is a testament to the power of personal resolve, and the never-say-die attitude. It’s an homage to those who understand the strength of a determined mind. With designs that encourage resilience, confidence, and growth.

Infinite Cool

‘Infinite Cool’ Is a celebration of personal style and the swagger only you can bring.  With designs that capture the essence of individuality express your unique identity without constraints or stereotypes. 

Aiming to positively impact or add value to your life

Being Eclectically Conscious isn’t just about the clothes we wear. It’s about the mindset we step into every day, the growth we strive for, and the cool, unique path we each carve out for ourselves.

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Embrace a lifestyle where growth is a continuous journey, exploration knows no bounds, and 'cool' is a personal state of being.